Sl No. Description Download
1 Standardisation of Tall Seedling Protocol
2 Tree improvement programme in Acacia auriculiformis
3 Planting stock improvement & Evaluation & Candidate plus trees
4 Floristic Survey of South and North West Bengal Forests
5 Evaluation of existing seed stand and seed production areas
6 E-monitoring of Forest Plantations
7 Inoculation of Agar Wood
8 Mapping on Soil Nutrition
9 Tree improvement programme of Teak
10 Baseline Survey of Forest Resources of West Bengal
11 Distribution and population assessment of 4small mammals in South-West Bengal
12 Ecology of Elephants in North Bengal
13 Ecology of Elephants in South-West Bengal
14 Ecology of Gaur in North Bengal
15 Ecology of Leopard in North Bengal
16 Impact of Habitat Management on habitat use in Jaldapara, Gorumara and Mahananda PAs
17 Achievement at a Glance
18 Gps Hand Book
19 Nursery Manual
20 Nursery Prabandan (Nepali Language)
21 Shanirbhar Dol Gothon (Bengali Language)
22 Nursery Parichalan Paddhati (Bengali Language)
23 Nursery Management (English Language)
24 Guidelines of Community Development, MICRO-FINANCE and IGA (English)
25 Guide Book of Community Development, MICRO-FINANCE and SHG (Bengali)
26 Proceedings of the 9th Annual National Workshop
27 Project Completion Report Book Final funded by JICA under West Bengal Forest and Biodiversity Conservation Project